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About Us



You know the mom that makes

the older boys roll

their eyes because it isn't cool to

get their picture taken,

but she can get them to stand

still long enough to

smile and get the shot? Then

she hangs around long

enough to catch them being

goofy with their

friends when they don't even

realize anyone

has a camera pointed in their direction.

And the awkward girls is their

formal dresses who don't know where

to stand, snap to attention

when she coordinates them into place.

She also ALWAYS

seems to have her camera and catches

those spur of the moment

pricesless shots that leave most

people thing

"I wish I had my camera with me." And like

some kind of magic,

she can take action shots in a gym and not them

turn out blurry or yellow.

Somehow even cryings babies seem to smile sweetly

at her camera.

Well, that mom is me. My photography started as

a hobby taking pictures at my kids' events.

It envolved into taking pictures for friends

and the newspaper and then to getting formal training for studio photography. I love the experience and challenge of perserving memories in photographs. My goal is to capture individuals with their unique personalities, interests and skills in the moment it happens; whether it be the thrill of dunking a basketball, the tenderness of loving a newborn, the anticipation of an engagement, or the pride of getting ready to graduate, I can dedicate the moment to a visual image.